Eating Sacred Cows


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Eating Sacred Cows – A Closer Look at Tithing
To tithe or not to tithe. Tithing is one of the most misunderstood and abused aspects of modern day religion, and there are fine Christian leaders on both sides of the issue. Images of tele-evangelists and pastors living extravagant lifestyles can fuel resentment and mockery, but the defence is often that God’s ‘prosperity’ ideal is being upheld (at least for the receiver of tithes).

But what of the givers?

Many Christians testify how God has blessed them for tithing, but many others are disappointed, often too ashamed to speak openly in case they are ‘letting God down’. Sermons on tithing almost always quote Malachi’s rebuke of ancient Israel, “You are cursed for you are robbing God! Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse…” (Malachi 3:8–9). But what exactly did Malachi mean? Doesn’t God still want us to tithe? Well, not in the way we are usually taught today.

Citing Biblical texts about tithing that are rarely, if ever, referred to by those teaching tithing to fund the church, Graeme Carlé shows instead how God wants us to receive a revelation of His goodness as we take time off to enjoy annual holidays. He also wants us to be generous, giving freely to those in need rather than tying up our resources in unnecessary church assets.

Find out for yourself how to stand firm in your freedom and enjoy being generous!

Eating Sacred Cows is Graeme’s most controversial book. This expanded and revised edition is essential reading for Christians today.

A Snippet of the Contents
Abraham’s Tithe
Jacob’s Tithe
The Law of Moses – “Whatever your heart desires”
The Feast of Tabernacles
The Third year
Holiday pay for the Tither
Effect on Orphans Widows and Aliens
Amos’s Rebuke
Malachi and the Curse
Revelation of the Character of God – his goodness
Our Wholeness
Confusion of the with the New Covenant
All Mentions of Tithing
Conspicuous by Absence
Jesus Himself
Paul & Co
Robbing Churches?
Our Goal is an Attitude
Arguments For Tithing
How Then Should We Live and Give?
Last Word For Pastors





About the Author

From the beginning of his ministry on the streets of Christchurch in 1973, Graeme was confronted by the multitude of ideas and beliefs held by sects, cults and orthodox churches. This kept him focused on how to understand the Scriptures while working for seven years as an interdenominational evangelist followed by 15 years as an elder and teacher.
After a brief spell in Nepal with INF (International Nepal Fellowship) and in Colorado with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Graeme returned to New Zealand where he served as a Baptist minister for seven years. He is now an itinerant teacher and author.


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