Church Structure 1.1 Keeping the Wine Without Jumping Ship  – Don’t Give Up On Church 1.2 Melchizedeck & the Royal priesthood – Know Your Calling 1.3 On Being Kings  – Called to Reign 1.4 On Being Priests – Called to Serve 1.5 The […]

Part Two – Returning to Matthew 16 Happily, there is a way we can resolve this seeming impasse and at last understand what Jesus was saying to Peter, beginning with un-mixing some metaphors. (i) Bedrock is singular; foundation stones are plural. […]

Every morning and night in our news feeds, we hear of conflicts far and near. Living in New Zealand, we see Middle Eastern wars, suicide bombings, and terrorist attacks as a world away but domestic violence is always near. Neighbours […]

  “Save the Children!” Recently, our City Council was forced to apologise to Sir Tim Rice after the name ‘Israel’ was removed from one of his songs in our annual children’s festival, Artsplash. The kids were to sing a selection […]

DONATE ABOUT JJAC LEADERSHIP REPORTS MEDIA CENTER CONTACT JJAC SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER   MAIN FACTS Frequently Asked Questions Justice for Jews from Arab Countries: Main Fact Sheet I) The Issue ” When the issue of ‘refugees’ is raised within the […]

POLITICS TE AO MĀORI 9 Jun 2017 Tears as Crown apologises for Parihaka atrocities 10:12 pm on 9 June 2017 Share this Shannon Haunui-Thompson, Te Manu Korihi Editor @SHaunui Robin Martin, Taranaki Reporter @robincharles The Crown has officially […]

I was recently at a Christian leaders’ conference called ‘Difficult Conversations’, and subtitled ‘How do we maintain unity’? The subjects for conversation included Islam, gender issues, same-sex marriage, and how Maori see our Pakeha-European churches. As I listened to the […]

Irrelevant Celebrations What’s to celebrate about Parihaka? Well, consider what we are already celebrating as a nation every year, on 31st October and 5th November: Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day. Since Halloween is still relatively new to NZ, many elderly […]

  When looking at New Zealand’s Amazing Covenant – The Treaty of Waitangi, it can be likened to Two old friends were at a wedding. When the minister came to the familiar marriage text, “the two shall become one”, one […]

What’s propitiation? It’s one big word but well worth understanding because it perfectly explains why Jesus died and why we need Him. There’s a lot of confusion today about this. William Paul Young, for example, author of popular Christian novel The […]