Church Life – The Restoration Series
Blueprints of the Church  – What Should It Look Like?
Pt 1 Keeping the Wine Without Jumping Ship – Don’t Give Up
Pt 2 Melchizedeck & the Royal Priesthood – Know Your Calling
Pt 3 Reigning With Him – Overcoming Sin & Self
Pt 4 On Being Kings – Called to Reign
Pt 5 On Being Priests 
Called to Serve
Pt 6 The Sacraments – Baptism & Communion
Pt 7 Bread & Wine, Oil, Water and Hands – Tools of Your Trade
Pt 8 Equipping Royal Priests – Know Your Helpers
Church Structure
Rediscovering Deacons – Who Are They Really?
Pastors – Pt 1 – Checking Our Titles
Pastors – Pt 2 – One Calling Three Facets
Pastors – Pt 3 – The Weakness of Solo Leadership
Leadership in the Kingdom
Pt 1 The Way – The Predestined Way of Leading
Pt 2 On Being Examined – A Feature of Humility
Pt 3 Jesus Explanation – Leadership vs Authority
Pt 4 The Mistake of Ancient Israel – The Rejection of God as King
Pt 5 Closer to Home – A Pope in Every Assembly?
Pt 6 The Spirit of the Antichrist – Usurping Christ in Our Leading
Pt 7 How Leaders Are to Lead – Hearing God For Yourself
Pt 8 Conclusions – Servant Leadership
Appendix A – Obedience cf. Spiritual Formation
Appendix B – What About…?
Appendix C – Church Discipline
Resolving Controversies
Ridding Ourselves of Squid Ink  – Keeping to Topic
Blessed are the Peacemakers – Fighting For Peace
Peacemaking – Only For the Mature – It’s a Real Process
Unity at All Costs? – What Are We Aiming For?
Divorce & Remarriage – What Are the Grounds?
Spiritual Growth
One Big Word– Propitiation
Milk or Meat – Why We Aren’t Growing Spiritually – Just That
Hermeneutics of Daniel and Revelation – Myths & Methods
“Upon This Rock” – Which Foundation? Pt 1 – Petra vs Petros
“Upon This Rock” – Which Foundation? Pt 2 – The Third Metaphor
“Upon This Rock” – Which Foundation? Pt 3 – Hades’ Strategies
Daniel in the Den of Wolves – Honouring the Prophet

The Mystery of the Fig Tree – Who is the ‘Fig Tree’?
How to Get Eternal Life – Now!
 Revelation Opened
144,000 – JW’s or Jewish evangelists or…
COVID 19 – Apocalypse Now? – Opening the 4th Seal of Revelation
The FCJT Approach Pt 1 – The Seven Kings
The FCJT Approach Pt 2 – Identifying the Woman
The FCJT Approach Pt 3 – In the Wilderness
The FCJT Approach Pt 4 – The Four Visions
The FCJT “Jacob’s Trouble”– Appendix
Microchip – Mark of the Beast? – Same Mark, Different Times
No New World Order? – Looking in the Wrong Direction
Don’t Touch…” Who?  – Challenging Leaders
The Christmas Tree & the Fruit Tree – True Value