Because of the Angels


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This text has been largely lost to today’s church because we have badly misunderstood some of Paul’s Hebrew presuppositions regarding “head”, “covering”, the full of Satan and spiritual warfare. Understanding it properly can be liberating for men and women of God, as it restores the much needed revelation on gender differences and relationships as well as the mystery of the Nazarite vow for todays reader.

The Purpose of 1 Corinthians 11:2-16
Third Meaning of “Head” – One physical and Two Metaphorical
“Over” and “Above” – Personal Autonomy
1 Corinthians 11:3-4 – “Christ is the Head”, “While Praying” “or Prophesying”
Inherent Difference – “But Every Woman…”, “A Glory…and a Covering”
The Angel’s Fall – “The Anointed Cherub Who Covers”
“Authority on Her Head” – Prediction or Provision? What “Covering” Does Not Mean
Why Male and Female? – “Originate” and “Created”
Testimony of Nature – The Rest of the Physical Realm
In Conclusion – “No Other Practice”




About the Author

From the beginning of his ministry on the streets of Christchurch in 1973, Graeme was confronted by the multitude of ideas and beliefs held by sects, cults and orthodox churches. This kept him focused on how to understand the Scriptures while working for seven years as an interdenominational evangelist followed by 15 years as an elder and teacher.
After a brief spell in Nepal with INF (International Nepal Fellowship) and in Colorado with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Graeme returned to New Zealand where he served as a Baptist minister for seven years. He is now an itinerant teacher and author.


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