Born of the Spirit


According to the Bible, although God loves every single one of us, everything depends on how we relate to Jesus.  If you have “received Him” if you “believe in his name” then the Bible says you are a child of God. These the studies aim to help you to develop your own personal relationship with Him. Each study considers an essential Biblical truth giving an overview and then a section for you to do, looking at the Scriptures in writing your understanding of them in the gaps provided.

Growing in Confidence
Repentance and Putting Things Right
Trusting God
Water Baptism
Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Spiritual Gifts
Prayer and Fasting
Hearing God
The Return of Christ
Doing His Will
The Bible and Meditation
Find a Fellowship Group
Recognising Leaders
Recognising Enemies
Until Jesus Returns – What to do till then



About the Author
From the beginning of his ministry on the streets of Christchurch in 1973, Graeme was confronted by the multitude of ideas and beliefs held by sects, cults and orthodox churches. This kept him focused on how to understand the Scriptures while working for seven years as an interdenominational evangelist followed by 15 years as an elder and teacher.
After a brief spell in Nepal with INF (International Nepal Fellowship) and in Colorado with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Graeme returned to New Zealand where he served as a Baptist minister for seven years. He is now an itinerant teacher and author.

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