We are pro human rights for all. Some people don’t believe that “all men are created equal”.

Check out Choice 4 2 for information, testimonies. Their  videos (some below),  bring truth & humour together to make the blatantly obvious point that life is life – no matter what you call it. The mother, the baby and the father – everybody counts!

My Body My Choice 

The Magical Birth Canal

Blue Hair
The “A” Word


No Uterus No Say

“CHOICE42 is pro-woman, pro-baby, and pro-life. Our main objectives are to create awareness about the humanity of pre-born children, and to provide support to women who are facing unplanned pregnancy or dealing with post-abortion problems. Our website is supportive, information based, and includes Canada’s largest nation-wide database of pregnancy help resources. CHOICE42 encourages women to be fully educated about their options and to realize that though it is their choice, they are making a choice for two”.
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