The Restoration Series
Blueprints of the Church  – What Should It Look Like?
Pt 1 Keeping the Wine Without Jumping Ship – Don’t Give Up
Pt 2 Melchizedeck & the Royal Priesthood – Know Your Calling
Pt 3 Reigning With Him – Overcoming Sin & Self
Pt 4 On Being Kings – Called to Reign
Pt 5 On Being Priests 
Called to Serve
Pt 6 The Sacraments – Baptism & Communion
Pt 7 Bread & Wine, Oil, Water and Hands – Tools of Your Trade
Pt 8 Equipping Royal Priests – Know Your Helpers

Difficult Issues
Unity at All Costs? – What Are We Aiming For?
‘Rejecting Rejection’ and Strange Teachings – What’s Going On in the Salvation Army?
Divorce & Remarriage – What is the Basis?